Silvino Lópeztovar


From the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

It is an industrial designer from the University New World and has a diploma in automotive design.

From a young age starts to show its interest in drawing and creating contemporary forms, initially his vocation were the arts, encountering industrial design is attracted to the ways that technology can do, always had the conviction that the industrial design and art can be merged.

He began his career designing sets for great new product launches in Madrid and Seville, Spain, at the National Auditorium in cd. Of Mexico, and the channel 22, in its activities also participated in performances with Jorge Reyes Mexican musician and artist Byron Galvez.

Parallel to this start designing furniture using as philosophy abstract forms of some insects or sculptural asymmetrical shapes always looking looks to the future with the testing of new designs.

In his designs the wind suggests ways is present, it is true that most objects need not be aerodynamic designs because they will not face velocity, but if the aesthetics of movement.

He has participated in several exhibitions with his designs at Monza, Ravenna Italy Design Forum in Helsinky, Museum of the University of Antwerp, Museum of Arts in Prague, Museum of the University of Seoul, Matadero, Madrid, Triennale Design in Milan, etc .

In 2005 designed the furniture for the park David Ben Gurion in Pachuca Hidalgo, cataloged as a work of the year in the journal works, in 2010 this furniture is selected in the II Ibero-American Biennial of Design in Madrid, Spain, and the 2012 is also selected by a design for children in the Third Biennial.

His work has been published in different media and the Advent catalog edited by Federico Motta Editore Spa. Italy.


About his work have written Roberto Vallarino,

He is currently advisor to the A.C. ADVENTO.

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