Verolegno's VeroAqua® Water Based Wood Finish Line provides innovative eco-friendly products which confer a more natural look and feel of wood without altering wood's natural color.

These products were developed to offer an alternative to products rich in solvents, reducing this way the impact volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission, this way they are less dependent on oil. Some of the different finishes in the VeroAqua line are:

Protects all woods even the toughest as: Sipo, Ipe, Iroko, Teka, Tzalam, Cumaru, Chechen etc...

Great penetrating power that ensures a deep and abiding impregnating the cell structure of the wood.

Ideal for protecting wood difficult to impregnate.

Hydrosaturador rational adaptation of the wet on wet technique allows the formation of a native protection lasts throughout evolution of wood . Do not peel and is easy to maintain .

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· Available in 8 standard dyes

· Possibility of making all colors

· Hydrofuge property

· Formulation with UV filters

· Reduces aging timber

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· Stop Gray natural wood

· Easy to apply

· Great performance

· Great performance

· Application of 50-60 g / m2

Some of the different finishes in the VeroAqua line are:



Water transparent base product that helps isolate and tannins from wood contaminants and fats that may cause any detachment of material, helps prevent discoloration of some plates .

It has features that make hiding power have so you can replace the first coats.


G10MM (A11W16)

Liquid wax water base. Colorless aqueous finish gives the wood a waxy appearance.

It can be used directly on wood or aqueous primers . Ideal for indoor use little wood , tiles, wooden furniture , trimmings and veneer walls.

It gives a rustic look with a silky touch .



Aqueous Saturator that protects exterior wood against water, mold, moisture and sunlight. It is a water saturator.

Ideal for application on decks with minimal and simple maintenance .

Penetrates deep into the fiber of any support providing a natural look of wood. Its formulation with solar filters gives high protection against weathering.



Polyurethane Sealant for general furniture finishing. It is recommended to apply a coat of Aqualink Colorless before applying.

Has excellent covering power and requires very little material, you can be left open or closed pore depending on the hands that are applied, must be sanded between coats and must stop 1-2 hours between coats.

For general furniture finishing .

Ideal for furniture that requires high hardness and chemical resistance .


Matte finish and intense matt

Transparent or white pigmented finish. Mono and bi-component water based finish for general furniture.

Ideal for systems requiring high hardness and chemical resistance .

Very silky finish .

It applies above background and is hiding power .

It is acrylic . Finish: transparent and matte white ( MDF closed for color).



Fund-component aqueous pigmented white.

Application, both in mixed cycles, as in 100 % aqueous cycles.


Matt White Vivid

Finishing white pigmented mono and bi-component.

Very silky finish.

Ideal for systems requiring high hardness and chemical resistance.

Very silky finish.


High hardness component product. Recommended for wood floors, surfaces and / or furniture high indoor use.

Filtro Protector UV

Water Based

UV filter additive adapted to aucosos cycles.

Recommended Use: The addition of UV filter in aqueous varnish prevents the action of UV radiation on support by delaying the change of color of wood ( yellowing, browning, degradation of tonality ) .


· Wood finishes.

· Wood insulation.

· Wood protection.

· Retail.

· Residential.

· Corporate.

· Offices.

· Non-flammable.

· Practically no emission of solvents into the atmosphere.

· Higher viscosity than traditional varnishes.

· No dilution needed.

· It can be diluted with water in particular cases.

All applications components and equipment in contact with the product must be waterproof. For example: Stainless Steel.

Storage conditions should be between 5°C and 50°C. ( If these conditions are not met can cause a breakage of the resin and render the product unusable).

Spraying equipment must be used with a high compression ratio (20:1 and up) combining small nozzles (09 or 11 Kremlin) to improve the drawing of the finished water-based.

In gravity or cup guns it is highly advisable an overpressure in the vessel in order to obtain a better spraying without any dilution.

The support should have a relative humidity below 14 %. Higher humidity can cause improper drying of water based finishl.

Ventilation and air exchange is required to make a correct drying water based finish.

The packaging should be performed with a suitable expanded polyethylene type material.









· Reduction of overspray by 35 %.

· Overspray recovery by automated systems

· Saving on fire insurance and health primes.

· Single-component products.

· Use of water for equipment cleaning.

· Easy to use.

· No explosion-proof electrical installations are required.

· Low or no emission of C.O.V.

· Improvement of internal work environment.

· Absence of odors caused evaporation of solvents.

· Good chemical resistance.

· No gives a yellow tint.

· Wood's natural appearance.

· Retains wood's original color.

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